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The Island Explorer

Explore traditional Sasak villages, soak in the sun at pristine beaches, embark on island-hopping escapades, chase waterfalls, and savor local delicacies.

4 Days 3 Nights

3 Lunches, 3 Dinners

Gili Trawangan Visit

Admission Tickets to Attractions

Experienced Tour Guide & Driver

Details & Itinerary

Day 1: Start Your Lombok Saga (L-D)

Your journey begins with an exciting touchdown on the beautiful island of Lombok. After a hearty lunch, you’ll dive headfirst into the island’s soul. Your first stop is the captivating Ende/Sade village, home to the traditional Sasak tribe, where tales of ancient customs come to life. Feel the sand between your toes at the picturesque Kuta Beach and make memories at Mandalika Circuit‘s scenic photo spots. Next, the mesmerizing Rese Hill awaits, offering panoramic views that will steal your heart. The day continues with a visit to the pristine Tanjung Aan Beach, followed by a glimpse into Sukarara village‘s artistic soul and the pottery-making mastery of Banyumulek village. After a delectable dinner, you’ll check into your cozy hotel for a night of well-deserved rest.

Day 2: Island-Hopping Extravaganza (B-L-D)

Get ready for a thrilling island-hopping adventure that will leave you breathless. Begin your day with a visit to the enigmatic Village Ghost, where photo opportunities abound. The stunning beauty of Malibu Beach offers yet another chance to capture nature’s artistry. At Nipah Beach, be prepared for more Instagram-worthy moments. Your journey culminates with a visit to the jewel of the day, Gili Trawangan. Dive into its crystal-clear waters for snorkeling and gaze through the glass-bottom boat (at your own cost). A scrumptious lunch awaits at Trawangan Restaurant/similar, followed by a visit to the local center. As the day winds down, relish a delightful dinner before returning to your hotel.

Day 3: Chasing Waterfalls & Cultiral Treasures (B-L-D)

Day three is a thrilling quest to discover the heart of Lombok’s natural and cultural treasures. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Waterfall Yarn Netting and Setokel Twine Waterfall. Then, witness the grandeur of the Islamic Center, home to the largest mosque on the island. A satisfying lunch at a local Mataram restaurant/similar rejuvenates your spirits. Dive into the island’s history at the Lombok NTB Museum before venturing into the heart of typical Lombok souvenirs. Your day concludes with a delightful dinner and a comfortable return to your hotel.

Day 4: Personal Exploration & Departure (B)

Your Lombok journey ends with a free morning for personal exploration. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and soak in your last moments on this mesmerizing island. As the sun climbs higher in the sky, prepare for your departure. We’ll escort you to the airport for your onward flight, bidding farewell to the island that has stolen your heart.

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Who is it suitable for

This journey is made for adventurous souls, couples in search of romance, friends seeking excitement, families with children ready for exploration, and office gatherings looking to bond.

What You Should Bring
  • Adventurous spirit
  • Swimwear for beach adventures
  • Sunscreen and shades
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • A camera to capture memories
Frequently Asked

Q: Is snorkeling equipment provided during the Gili Trawangan tour
A: Snorkeling equipment is available for rent on the island.

Q: Are meals suitable for vegetarians?
A: Yes, we can accommodate dietary preferences. Please inform us in advance.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi at the hotel?
A: Most hotels offer Wi-Fi, but it may vary. Please check with the hotel staff upon arrival.

  • Relaxation
  • Adventure & Nature
  • Culture Immersion

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